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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

Mittal aspires to become the region’s premier design-build firm within the coming years. We aim to lead with our solution-driven approach focused at creating value, driving innovation, delivering highest quality to acquire clients’ satisfaction and ultimately benefit the region’s communities.

Our Mission

In Mittal, we believe people are construction industry’s invaluable assets because the industry is driven by their needs and through their skills. This is why we place people at the heart of our work whether they are clients, end users, employees, or shareholders. We also believe that collaborative practices among parties are key to successful delivery, which is ultimately measured through client satisfaction. We aim to acquire this satisfaction by utilizing our experience to deliver requirements to the highest quality standards, and within time and budget constraints. We are also aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, which we work hard to accommodate through considerable execution and selective material usage.



In brief, our mission is to work towards successful delivery that in process encourages collaboration, builds on experiences, drives learning and development, and accommodates the environment and community to ultimately acquire client satisfaction.

Our Values

Our values remain our pillars that govern our decisions, actions, and interactions. These values were and will always remain the foundations upon which we pursue our vision and build our mission on, and they include:


We believe that collaboration is paramount to success because it generates trust and builds a supportive culture, which works towards a common goal of client satisfaction. Collaboration also results in building long term relationships whether with clients or subcontractors.


Our strength is in our ability to think outside the box by identifying problems, and finding ways to address them. We believe that innovation is a result of challenging the norm, and is a driver for growth.


We believe that integrity and fairness go hand in hand, and should both be the ethical basis for all of our actions, interactions, and decisions. These values build trust in relationships, and are of paramount importance to us.


We integrate passion, experience, and knowledge in our work to maintain our goal of being a reliable and committed contractor working to deliver our promises and exceed expectations. This reflects our belief that reliability is correlated to liability, which emphasizes being responsible for our actions and decisions.